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Today is not only about doing the right thing for the hospitals to keep their referral patterns working for you, warranting that your services are not only good enough to keep patients from being re-admitted to hospitals, but keep them from being readmitted to your facility is critical.  As of October of 2018, CMS imposed penalties on re-admissions. The selection for a post-acute care provider is critical to the success of your organization and the well-being of your patients. Through our comprehensive and robust services, the patients are provided the leading technology processes and personnel that will prevent re-admission, while providing the skilled nursing facility reductions in re-admissions as well as best practices and opportunities in value based initiatives BPCI and other bundled payment initiatives. 

These services individually represent a healthcare solution, integrated to our post-acute and very ill patients’ services, it fills the void that has existed between acute care and outpatient care. It is the one way that you can provide “Best Care”.  

Request more information how you too can become part of this new initiative. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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