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Tools That Enhance Our Offering

EClinicalWorks one of the top 2 EHR’s in the world for clinical practices.

Our Population Health Solution help practices understand disease patterns, better assess risk, and improve patients’ engagement and compliance.

CommonWell and CareQuality is connecting large health systems, clinics, specialists and many more care venues. The connection will offer valuable patient insights to providers as they strive to deliver the best care possible to their patients. Interfacing through eClinicalWorks, our physicians now have on-demand access to complete patient records and histories, which will allow us to reduced costs while enhancing the quality of care and patient safety.

Florida HIE (ENS) Encounter Notification Services

ENS receives messages from over 200 95% of hospitals in Florida and compares them to patient lists provided by us. 


We provide Transitional Care Management (TCM), in our re-admission reduction program as well as, our group practice program.


A federal program for chronic care management (CCM) slows the increase in Medicare costs, helps keep people out of the hospital, and connects them with community-based resources, according to a recent report from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI).

RPM – Remote Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine

Remote Patient Monitoring makes it easy to track your patients and deliver interventions quickly and effectively. Our package includes the capabilities to speak to patients live or if needed because of some escalation the doctors can speak and see the patients through our Telemedicine tablets.

Post-Acute Care, Re-Admission Reduction Program

This Re-Admission Reduction Program currently is for skilled nursing facilities, but it would equally work for hospitals. 


  • Cost utilization dashboards: gain insight into the total cost spent for inpatient/outpatient, pharmacy, and DME services. Identify high-cost/high-risk beneficiaries and help case managers and providers create better care plans using closed-loop analytics

  • Clinical Quality Measures: Provider outcomes vs. payer-defined quality measures. Dashboards provide insight into your performance on PCMH/DCE/PCF measures

  • Population Health: create clinical quality dashboards and population health data visualization by zip code and region, analyze local results vs. national health trends

  • Population Health Alerts: configurable by community or quality thresholds, with dashboards to manage them all.


Patient Engagement

  • Targeted, anonymous feedback about a visit provides medical practices with valuable information for monitoring and improvement

  • Engage patients through patient apps on their smartphones

  • Communicate with patients through voice, text or app notifications and receive patient responses at the point of care

Care Planning

  • Member Management dashboards

  • Care Plan management and risk assessment

  • Patient-level dashboards to identify gaps in care

  • Patient Community Medical Record View

  • Schedule Management


Referral Network & Transitions in Care

  • Build a secure network of trusted providers for referrals and consultations

  • Address books for in-network and out-of-network providers

  • Connect and securely exchange data between providers that use any EMR or no EMR at all

  • Network leakage dashboards report on out-of-network referrals


Care Coordination Platform — (EHX)

  • Community integration platform that manages the secure exchange of data between ancillary service providers (labs, radiology, hospital information systems), local, state and regional health information exchanges (HIEs), immunization registries, and ambulatory EMR systems

  • Integrated Enterprise Master Patient Index

  • Longitudinal view of each patient in the community (CCR/CCD/C32)

  • Receive payer feeds for cost and utilization

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