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Our business model is the future of medicine.

Our business model is the future of medicine- to connect all aspects of patient care, employ the latest health technologies and analytics in novel ways, while simultaneously leveraging strategic healthcare relationships to lengthen life, encourage wellness, reduce wasteful expenditure and improve outcomes.


Even though few doubt that value-based care is the future of healthcare delivery, how quickly it will come to dominate the reimbursement landscape is an open question, especially given the challenges providers face without a partner with technology, processes and personnel with experience for the initiatives that will dominate and reform the future of medicine.

Contracted physicians must be freed from administrative work to effectively deliver high-quality care for their patients. Our aim is identifying and closing gaps in care and communication with patients. Physicians are then able to increase the quality of care with less risk of clinician burnout.

Reasons why you should become a member of CCMS:

  1. Assurance of the best care for your patients

  2. Maintain your independence and autonomy

  3. Access to financial opportunities not available to solo or small group practices

  4. Negotiate with payers for increased contractual payments

  5. Be a part of a strategic network of providers that are focused on post-acute and coordinated care for quality

  6. No cost to join our group

  7. You will be part of an organization that will keep you informed

  8. We are focused on increasing the value of your practice

  9. Savings in services that you are currently buying

Our coders will visit your practice to assist procedural and Best Practice protocols as well as possible gaps in efficiency. We offer as much as your practice needs or leeway if not needed. We will report on your PQRS & MIPS/MACRA using your data to meet the reporting requirements on MIPS for your practice if you are not involved with an MSSP. We provide this service to you as proof positive that we understand the challenges you are facing and truly want to be part of the solution as we embrace all the changes that threaten your practice.   

Leaders worry about moving too quickly as they brace for lost revenue from hospitalizations and procedures under pressure from payers to enter risk-based contracts. They are wary of penalties for failing to meet quality metrics when the targets required by payers don’t always capture the kind of care, they know drives better outcomes. Overall, any shift in standards and strategy for the future runs up against bills to be paid and lives to be saved today.

Join us today!

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